Patients As Art: Forty Thousand Years Of Medical...

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Item#: 9780190858216
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Author Mackowiak, Philip A.
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Patients as Art explores the capacity of art to provide a unique perspective on the history of humankind. Fearturing over 160 full-color works of art, this book offers a pictorial review of medical history stretching from Paleolithic times to the present, reflecting the ideals and
sensibilities of the times in which they were created, and communicating formal, spiritual, and scientific values. Rarely have experts considered the potential clinical implications of such works or their collective value as an archive of medical history.

Many prominent works of art have depicted aspects of medicine's long struggle against ignorance, superstition, and religious and political dogma to emerge as one of mankind's greatest achievements. The particular works included in this book were chosen both for their esthetic appeal and for the
skill with which they depict important developments in medicine over time. Dr. Mackowiak reveals what these works have to say about the status of the "art of medicine" in the past, and its relationship to the medicine of today.