Physician Communication: Connecting W/ Patients, Peers...

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Item#: 9780190882440
Edition 01
Author Schraeder, Terry
Cover Paperback

Communication skills determine how the world perceives us - and how we perceive the world. Communication is at the heart of who we are and all that we do. As a clinician, your communication impacts how you take care of patients, work with colleagues, teach trainees, and engage audiences and the public. Communication encompasses all aspects of human skills, from listening and clearly articulating thoughts to an awareness of physical gestures, specific word choice, tone, and volume. Whether engaging with patients, peers, care teams, family members, residents, researchers, insurance agencies, management, or journalists, successful communication requires focusing on the importance of the relationship and the mission of each interaction. Today, due to the rise of digital technologies including electronic medical records, online forums, and video conferences, the content of information, the platform, and the audience are continuously changing and expanding for physicians. There is a great need in the physician community to learn how to facilitate the exchange of information, provide psychosocial support, partake in shared-decision making, translate complex information, and resolve controversies with sound science in a variety of settings. Addressing physicians at every level of training and practice, Physician Communication: Connecting with Patients, Peers, and the Public will enable providers to examine, analyse, and improve their skills in the art and science of communication. Divided into four sections: Face-to-face Communications; Digital Communications; Public Speaking; and Traditional Media, this book will help physicians navigate various situations using different methods and modes of communication.