Graphic Guide To Infectious Disease

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A unique mash-up of medical education and comic book-style illustration,Graphic Guide to Infectious Diseasesusesmemorable art and humorous text to provide aseriously effective way to enhance your knowledge of complex medical conditions and diseases. Emergency medicine physician Dr. Brian Kloss and illustrator Travis Bruce usepop culture references, nostalgia, and unconventional humor to
idge the gap between challenging microbiology content and clinical knowledge of infectious diseases.

Table of Contents
Graphic Guide to Infectious DiseaseSection 1. Viral Hepatitis 1.2. Hepatitis A1.3. Hepatitis B1.4. Hepatitis B-Serum Markers1.5. Hepatitis C1.6. Hepatitis D1.7. Hepatitis ESection 2. Infectious Diarrhea 2.1. Bacterial2.1.1. Shigellosis2.1.2. Salmonellosis2.1.3. Cholera2.1.4. Campylobacteriosis2.1.5. Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli2.1.6. Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli2.1.7. Yersiniosis2.1.8. Clostridium Difficile Infection2.1.9. Vi
iosis2.2. Viral2.2.1. Norovirus2.2.2. Rotavirus2.3. Protozoan2.3.1. Giardiasis2.3.2. Cryptosporidiosis2.3.3. AmebiasisSection 3. Childhood Illness 3.1. Measles3.2. Mumps3.3. Rubella3.4. Erythema Infectiousum3.5. Examthum Subitum3.6. Chickenpox3.7. Congenital and Perinatal Infections3.8. Pertussis3.9. Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease3.10. Bronchiolitis3.11. Kawasaki Disease3.12. CroupSection 4. Tick Borne Illness 4.1Tick Borne Illness and Ticks as Vectors4.2. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever4.3 Lyme Disease4.4 Ehrlichiosis4.5. Anaplasmosis4.6. Babesiosis4.7. Tularemia4.8. Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever4.9. Colorado Tick FeverSection 5. Worms 5.1. Roundworms5.1.1. Ascariasis5.1.2. Filariasis5.1.3. Onchocerciasis5.1.4. Pinworms5.1.5. Hookworm5.1.6. Whipworm5.1.7. Trichinosis5.1.8. Dracunculiasis5.1.9. Cutaneous Larva Migrans5.1.10. Threadworm5.2. Tapeworms5.2.1. Pork Tapeworm and Cysticercosis5.2.2. Broad Fish Tapeworm5.2.3. Beef Tapeworm5.2.4. Dog Tapeworm5.2.5. Dwarf Tapeworm5.3 Flatworms5.3.1. Schistosomiasis5.3.2. Liver Fluke5.3.3. Lung FlukeSection 6. Fungal 6.1. Sporotrichosis6.2. Paracoccidiomycosis6.3. Coccidiomycosis6.4. Blastomycosis6.5. Histoplasmosis6.6. Tinea Infections of Skin6.7. Tinea Versicolor6.8. Aspergillosis6.9. MucormycosisSection 7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 7.1. Gonorrhea7.2. Condyloma Acuminata7.3. Pubic Lice7.4. Syphilis7.5. Chlamydia7.6. Trachoma7.7. Reactive Arthritis7.8. Herpes Simplex7.9. Trichomoniasis7.10. Scabies7.11. Chancroid7.12. Donovanosis7.13. Vaginitis7.14. Molluscum Contagiosum7.15. Lymphogranuloma VenereumSection 8. Pulmonary 8.1. Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome8.2. Tuberculosis8.3. Legionnaires' Disease8.4. Psittacosis8.5. Avian Influenza8.6. Influenza8.7. Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromeSection 9. Mosquito Borne Illness 9.1. Zika Fever9.2. Dengue9.3. Yellow Fever9.4. Malaria9.5. Encephalitis9.6. ChikungunyaSection 10. Rat Borne Illness 10.1. Hanta Virus10.1.1. Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome10.1.2. Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome10.2. Plague10.3. Leptospirosis10.4. Rat Bite Fever10.5. Trench Fever10.6. Scrub Typhus10.7. Epidemic Typhus10.8. Endemic (Murine) Typhus10.9. ArenaviridaeSection 11. Oropharyngeal 11.1. Peritonsillar Abscess11.2. Diphtheria11.3. Herpangina11.4. Thrush11.5. Streptococcal PharyngitisSection 12. Viral 12.1. Ebola12.2. Rabies12.3. AIDS: Opportunistic Infections12.4. Smallpox12.5. Mononucleosis12.5. PolioSection 13. Parasites and Prions 13.1. Chagas Disease13.2. African Sleeping Sickness13.3. Pediculosis13.4. Naegleriasis13.5. Prion DiseasesSection14. Bacterial 14.1. Anthrax14.2. Botulism14.3. Brucellosis14.4. Typhoid Fever14.5. Cat Scratch Fever14.6. Leprosy14.7. Infective Endocarditis14.8. Tetanus14.9. Listeriosis14.10. Q Fever14.11. Melioidosis