Differential Diagnosis Of Common Complaints

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Edition 07
Author Seller & Symons
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Logically organized around the 36 most common presenting complaints - 80% of what you're likely to encounter in daily practice -Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints, 7th Edition, uses a practical, clinically oriented approach to help you master the differential diagnosis of common symptoms. Using a clear, consistent format, itwalks you through the problem-solving process that most physicians use to make a diagnosis. This book is the ideal reference for the beginning student and the busy clinician.

Table of Contents

1. Abdominal Pain in Adults

2. Abdominal Pain in Children

3. Backache

4. Belching, Bloating, and Flatulence

5. Breast Lumps

6. Chest Pain

7. Colds, Flu and Stuffy Nose

8. Constipation

9. Cough

10. Diarrhea

11. Dizziness/Lightheadedness and Vertigo

12. Earache

13. Facial Pain

14. Fatigue

15. Fever

16. Forgetfulness

17. Headache

18. Heartburn and Indigestion

19. Insomnia

20. Menstrual Irregularities

21. Menstrual Pain

22. Nausea and/or Vomiting Without Abdominal Pain

23. Pain in the Foot

24. Pain in the Lower Extremity in Adults

25. Pain in the Lower Extremity and Limping in children

26. Pain in the Upper Extremity

27. Palpations

28. Shortness of Breath

29. Skin Problems

30. Sore Throat

31. Swelling of the Legs

32. Urethral discharge and Dysuria

33. Vaginal Discharge and Itching

34. Vision Problems and Other Common Eye Problems

35. Voiding Disorders and Incontinence

36. Weight Gain and Weight Loss