Campbell-Walsh Urology 3- Volume Set

Item Information
Item#: 9780323546423
Edition 12
Author Partin, Et Al.
Cover Hardback

From the basic science underpinnings to the most recent developments in medical and surgical care,Campbell-Walsh-Wein Urologyoffers a depth and breadth of coverage you won't find in any other urology reference.Now in three manageable volumes , the revised 12th Edition is a must-have text for students, residents, and seasoned practitioners, with authoritative,up-to-date content in an intuitively organized, easy-to-read format featuring key points, quick-reference tables, and handy algorithms throughout.

Table of Contents

Section I Clinical Decision Making

Section II Basics of Urologic Surgery

Section III Infections and Imflammation

Section IV Molecular and Cellular Biology

Section V Reproductive and Sexual Function

Section VI Male Genitalia

Section VII Renal Physiology and Pathophysiology

Section VIII Upper Urinary Tract Obstruction and Trauma

Section IX Urinary Lithiasis and Endourology

Section X Neoplasms of the Upper Urinary Tract

Section XI The Adrenals

Section XII Urine Transport, Storage, and Emptying

Section XIII Benign and Malignant Bladder Disorders

Section XIV Prostate

Section XV Pediatric Urology