Animal Hospice & Palliative Medicine For The House Call Vet

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Over the past five years, there has been a significant rise in the number of pet owners who are seeking in-home medical treatment options for their pet - particularly with regard to end-of-life care. This practical resource by Dr. Lynn Hendrix is the perfect guide for those veterinarians wanting to help meet this growing demand by incorporating house calls and end-of-life consulting into their practice. From setting up your business and performing your first in-home consultation to performing in-home euthanasia and providing grief support, Dr. Hendrix will walk you through how to effectively navigate all of the procedures and challenges related to this vital area of veterinary care and help maximize the amount of quality time that a pet has left.

Table of Contents
1.Introduction: History of Animal Hospice<
>2.Changing the Paradigm and Myths Challenged<
>3.How to Set Up Your Business.<
>4.Going into the Home-First Consultation<
>5.Diseases Commonly Seen at the End of Life<
>6.Pain Management<
>7.Other Symptom Management<
>8.Complementary Management<
>9.Physical Support<
>10.Interdisciplinary Team<
>11.Grief Support<
>12.Imminent Death<
>14.Body Care<
>15.Compassion Fatigue<
>16.Can We Provide Hospice for Other Species<
>17.When You Have a Difficult Home Visit<
>18.Additional Training/Organizations Involved in Animal Hospice<
>19.Where We Are Going in the Future?<