Netter's Gastroenterology

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Perfect for residents, generalists, medical students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who need a practical, working knowledge of gastroenterology,Netter's Gastroenterology, 3rd Edition, provides aconcise overview highlighted by unique, memorable Netter illustrations. This superb visual resource showcases the well-known work of Frank H. Netter, MD, and his successor, Carlos Machado, MD, a physician who has created clear, full-color illustrations in the Netter tradition. Up-to-date coverage of the full range of digestive diseases-includinggastroenterology, hepatology, and nutrition- keeps you current with the latest information in the field.

Table of Contents
SECTION IESOPHAGUSAnatomy of the Esophagus and the ForegutCongenital Anomalies of the EsophagusDeglutitionBenign Disease of EsophagusEsophageal DiverticulaForeign Bodies in the EsophagusCaustic Injury of the EsophagusEsophageal VaricositiesEsophageal Rupture and PerforationEosinophilic EsophagitisGERDSliding and Paraesophageal Hiatal Hernias Types 1, 2, and 3Esophageal Motility DisordersNeoplastic Disease of the EsophagusSECTION IISTOMACH AND DUODENUMAnatomy of the Stomach and Duodenum Gastric SecretionFactors Influencing Gastric ActivityRole of the Stomach in DigestionGastric Acid Secretion Tests: Hydrochloric Acid and GastrinEffect of Drugs on Gastric FunctionUpper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: EsophagogastroduodenoscopyCoated Tongue, Halitosis, and ThrushAerophagia and EructationMotility of the StomachGastroparesis and Gastric Motility DisordersPyloric Obstruction and the Effects of VomitingNausea and VomitingHypertrophic Pyloric StenosisDiverticula of the Stomach and Gastrointestinal ProlapseDiverticula of the DuodenumDyspepsia, Functional Dyspepsia, and Nonulcer DyspepsiaHelicobacter pyloriInfectionGastritis: General, Erosive and AcutePeptic Ulcer DiseaseUpper Gastrointestinal BleedingTherapeutic Gastrointestinal EndoscopyBenign Tumors of the Stomach and GISTsGastrintestinal Lymphoma and Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid TissueCancers of the StomachTumors of the DuodenumPrinciples of Gastric SurgeryPostgastrectomy Complications: Partial GastrectomyEffects of Total GastrectomySECTION IIIAbdominal wall Anatomy of the Abdominal Wall and Inguinal RegionPeritoneum and Related DiseasesMesenteric Ischemia and other Vascular LesionsAlimentary Tract Obstruction and Intestinal InjuriesAbdominal wall and abdominal cavity herniasAbdominal Cavity Access: Open Laparotomy, Laparoscopy, and Robotic accessSECTION IVSMALL INTESTINE Anatomy of the Small IntestineSecretory, Digestive, and Absorptive Functions of the Small IntestineGastrointestinal Hormones and NeurotransmittersImaging of the Small IntestineVisceral ReflexesCongenital Abnormalities of the Small IntestineMeckel DiverticulumDiverticula of the Small IntestineMotility and Dysmotility of the Small IntestineObstruction and Ileus of the Small IntestineChronic Intestinal Pseudo-ObstructionIrritable Bowel Syndrome and Functional Gastrointestinal DisordersEvaluation of the Small BowelLactose, Fructose, and Sucrose IntoleranceDiarrheaCeliac Disease and MalabsorptionWhipple DiseaseSmall Intestinal Bacterial OvergrowthShort Bowel SyndromeFood AllergyEosinophilic GastroenteritisIntussusception of the Small IntestineBenign Tumors of the Small IntestineMalignant Tumors of the Small IntestineCarcinoid Syndrome and Neuroendocrine TumorsIleostomy, Colostomy, and Gastroenteric StromasSECTION VCOLON, RECTUM, AND ANUSAnatomy of the Colon, Rectum, and Anus Secretory, Digestive, and Absorptive Functions of the Colon and Colonic FloraProbiotics, Prebiotics and the MicrobiotaAnoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy, and ColonoscopyLaparoscopy and LaparotomyStool ExaminationIntestinal BleedingMotility and Dysmotility of the Large IntestineNormal Defecation and Pathophysiology of Fecal IncontinenceConstipationEffects of Drugs on the ColonMegacolon and Hirschsprung DiseaseVolvulus, Sigmoid and CecumDiseases of the Appendix: Inflammation, Mucocele, and TumorsDiverticulosisUlcerative ColitisIleostomy and ColostomyPouch Anal Anastomosis and PouchitisDifferentiating Features of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's DiseaseCrohn's Disease and Complications and Surgical TherapyPerianal Disease in Crohn's DiseaseDrug Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseMicroscopic Colitis (Lymphocytic or Collagenous Colitis)Neoplasms of the Large Bowel: Colonic Polyps and Colon CancerFamilial Adenomatous Polyposis and Polyposis SyndromesRectal CancerHemorrhoidsRectal Prolapse and ProcidentiaAnal Fissure, Pruritus Ani, Papillitis, and CryptitisAnorectal Abscess and FistulaLymphogranuloma Venereum and Sexually Transmitted ProctitisFecal IncontinenceSECTION VIINFECTIOUS AND PARASITIC DISEASES OF THE ALIMENTARY TRACTHuman Immunodeficiency Virus and the Gastrointestinal Tract Infectious EsophagitisTyphoid Fever (Paratyphoid Fever, Enteric Fever)Food Poisoning and Enteric PathogensClostridium difficileand Antibiotic-Associated DiarrheaGastrointestinal TuberculosisAbdominal ActinomycosisAmebiasis Giardia lambliaand Other Protozoan InfectionsIntestinal Helminths: TrichuriasisEnterobiasisAscariasisStrongyloidiasisHookworm Disease (Necatoriasis and Ancylostomiasis)Tapeworms (Cestodes) Other Helminth Infections:Trichinella spiralisand FlukesSECTION VIIPANCREAS Development and Anatomy of the PancreasPancreatic Ducts and Exocrine and Endocrine OrgansPancreatic PhysiologyCystic Fi
osisAcute PancreatitisChronic PancreatitisPancreatic CancerCystic Neoplasms of the PancreasPancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (Islet Cell Tumors)SECTION VIIIGALLBLADDER AND BILE DUCTS Anatomy and Function of the GallbladderGallstoneAcute CholecystitiCholecystitis: ComplicationsC. S. PitchumoniChronic CholecystitisCholedocholithiasis and CholangitisSphincter of Oddi DysfunctionPreiampullary CancerGallbladder CarcinomaCholangiocarcinomaSECTION IXLIVER Anatomy of the LiverLiver Function TestsProthrombin FormationBilirubin and Bile Acid MetabolismClinical Manifestations of CirrhosisPhysical Diagnosis of Liver DiseaseCauses of Portal HypertensionAscitesHepatic EncephalopathyHepatorenal SyndromeVariceal BleedingTransjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic ShuntLiver BiopsyHepatic NecrosisCirrhosisImaging Studies of the LiverAlcoholic Liver DiseaseNonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and SeatohepatitisExtrahepatic Biliary ObstructionPrimary Biliary CirrhosisPrimary Sclerosing CholangitisAutoimmune Hepatitis Acute Viral Hepatitis (Hepatitis A, D, E)Hepatitis BHepatitis CHepatitis Caused by Other VirusesHepatotoxicityDisorders of Bilirubin Transporta-Antitrypsin DeficiencyHereditary HemochromatosisLiver Disease in PregnancyBenign Liver TumorsGranulomatous Liver DiseasesWilson DiseaseHepatocellular CarcinomaLiver TransplantationOther Infections of the Liver: Amebiasis, Spirochetes, Actinomycosis, Echicoccosis, SchistosomiasisVascular Disorders of the LiverBile Duct CancerMetastatic CancerHepatic TraumaSECTION XNUTRITION AND GASTROINTESTINAL DISEASE Dietary and Nutritional AssessmentMacronutrients and Energy Micronutrient and Vitamin DeficiencyEnteral NutritionDietary FiberParenteral NutritionMalnutritionObesity and Its Treatment Gastrointestinal Diseases Related to Nutrition