Sacroiliac Joint Techniques

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Item#: 9780323877541
Edition 01
Author Abd-Elsayed, Alaa
Cover Hardback

Sacroiliac Joint Techniques, a volume in the Atlas of Interventional Pain Management series, is a concise, practical guide that provides clinicians with detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to perform spinal nerve stimulation procedures for patients with chronic pain associated with sacroiliitis. This comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide offers expert coverage of how to deliver safe, accurate, and cost-effective pain relief to patients using all clinically useful imaging modalities, including ultrasound-guided techniques and fluoroscopy. With high-quality images and clear, authoritative guidance throughout, it shows exactly how to evaluate the causes of pain, identify the most promising stimulation technique, locate the site with precision, and deliver effective relief.

Table of Contents

1 Anatomy of the Sacroiliac Joint

2. Surgical instruments

3. Sacroiliac Joint Injection Techniques

4. Sacral Lateral Branch Nerve Block

5. Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency Ablation

6. Peripheral nerve stimulation of the sacroiliac joint

7. Sacroiliac Joint Posterior Fusion

8. Lateral Sacroiliac Joint Fusion

9. Measuring outcomes of improvement