Peters' Atlas Of Tropical Medicine & Parasitology

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Table of Contents
PrefaceDedication1. Arthropod-borne diseases Mosquito VectorsThe Arboviruses: Arthropod-Borne Viral InfectionsArthropod-Borne Bacterial InfectionsThe Relapsing FeversArthropod-Borne Parasitic Infections2. Infections acquired percutaneously SoilWaterSexBacterialOther Cutaneous or Mucous Mem
ane Contact3. Infections acquired through the gastrointestinal tract Viral InfectionsBacterial InfectionsProtozoal InfectionsFungiHelminth Infections4. Airborne infections CoronavirusesInfluenza VirusesHenipavirusesHantavirusesMeaslesVaricella zoster virusPneumococcal InfectionMeningocococcal InfectionOther Bacterial InfectionsTuberculosisLeprosyFungal Infections5. Ectoparasites MitesLiceBed BugsFleasMyiasis6. Bites, stings, venoms, toxins Marine Inverte
atesMarine Verte
atesTerrestrial Inverte
atesSnakes7. Nutrition MalnutritionVitamin and Mineral DeficienciesToxin Ingestion and Susceptibility8. Non-communicable disease9. Diseases of unusual or uncertain aetiology Index