Clinical Procedures In Veterinary Nursing

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Edition 04
Author Aspinall, Victoria
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The new fourth edition ofClinical Proceduresretains the popular format that has been so successful in establishing previous editions. All the principal procedures a nurse is likely to be called on to perform are presented in the most practically useful way, linking the action with the underlying rationale and illustrating both with ultra-clear line artworks and photographs. This new edition
ings the text into line with the Day One Skills and Competencies which now govern training of veterinary nurses, with revision and updating throughout.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Handling and restraintChapter 2 Measuring clinical parametersChapter 3 Medical nursing proceduresChapter 4 Administration of fluid therapyChapter 5 Provision of nutritional supportChapter 6 Anaesthetic proceduresChapter 7 Theatre practiceChapter 8 Surgical nursing proceduresChapter 9 First aid proceduresChapter 10 Diagnostic imagingChapter 11 Diagnostic laboratory techniquesChapter 12 Minor surgical proceduresChapter 13 Treatment of exotic speciesChapter 14 Basic clinical procedures in the horse