Wabanaki Compact

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Item#: 9780888806574
Author Henderson, James Sa'ke'j

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The Wabanaki Compact presents a legal history of the beginning of trans-Atlantic treaties between the nations of the Wabanaki Confederacy and British sovereign. This Compact generated an innovative treaty commonwealth that was the foundation of both the New England states of the United States of America and the Atlantic Canada.

This book is written from the traditions and perspectives of the Mi?kmaw Nation, one of the nations of the Confederacy. It is an initial attempt to unravel the neglected structures and meaning of these treaties from a trans-systemic perspective that incorporates both Indigenous and British law, and to provide a foundational perspective and a set of values through which the meaning of the legacy of the treaties of North America may be understood. These treaties of the Wabanaki Compact generate an alternative relationship to the colonists? narratives and myths about Indians and the wilderness, based on the law of nature and of nations, which shaped the constitutional law of the colonies as it relates to the Indigenous nations.