Elikewake Compact: Volumes 1 & 2 Etext (Final Sale)

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Item#: 9780888806581
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Author Henderson, James Sak'ke'j
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Through the Elikewake Compact, the Mi’kmaw, Wolastoqey, and Passamaquoddy nations ratified the Wabanaki Compact, 1725, with the British sovereign, generating an innovative treaty commonwealth that shaped constitutional law in North America. Treaties with the nations of the Wabanaki Compact created an alternative relationship to colonial narratives and myths about Indians and the wilderness. In two volumes, this book is written from a trans-systemic approach based on the traditions and perspectives of the Mi’kmaw nation through transcripts, oral history, stories, and guidance of the Mi’kmaw Grand Council. It examines the neglected structure and meaning of treaties from a trans-systemic perspective that incorporates both Indigenous and British legal traditions, and seeks to provide foundational perspective based on the law of nature, Indigenous law, and the law of nations.