Firewater: How Alcohol Is Killing My People (& Yours)

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Author Johnson, Harold
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A passionate call to action,Firewaterexamines alcohol—its history, the myths surrounding it, and its devastating impact on Indigenous people.Drawing on his years of experience as a Crown Prosecutor in Treaty 6 territory, Harold Johnson challenges readers to change the story we tell ourselves about the drink that goes by many names—booze, hooch, spirits, sauce, and the evocative “firewater. Confronting the harmful stereotype of the “lazy, drunken Indian, and rejecting medical, social, and psychological explanations of the roots of alcoholism, Johnson cries out for solutions, not diagnoses, and shows how alcohol continues to kill so many. Provocative, irreverent, and keenly aware of the power of stories,Firewatercalls for people to make decisions about their communities and their lives on their own terms.

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A passionate call to action from a veteran prosecutor,Firewaterexamines alcohol—its history, the myths surrounding it, and its devastating impact on Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike.

Table of Contents
ContentsMap: Treaty 6 territory in SaskatchewanPrefaceAcknowledgementsPART 1- Kayâs: A Long Time AgoWìsahkicâhk's Lost StoriesPART 2- How Alcohol Is Killing My People1. So The Story Goes2. Who Am I to Speak3. The Drunken Indian Story4. A Little Bit More History to Help Put It In Perspective5. A Time before Alcohol Killed Our People6. Going to the Graveyard7. The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the Supreme Court8. Four Models9. The Trickster in the Story10. Being Frank: Exposing the Problem11. Cost of the Alcohol Story12. Employment13. The Story We Tell Ourselves14. The Story Kiciwamanawak Tell Themselves15. Addictions16. The Land17. It's all Only a Story18. Banning Alcohol19. Treatment20. Leadership21. The Storyteller22. Healing23. Community24. The Sober House and the Sober CommunityPART 3- Letters From Our Scouts, The ArtistsA Letter from Tracey LindbergA Letter from Richard Van CampPART 4- Niyâk: For The FutureWìsahkicâhk Returns to Find Out He Is The StoryAppendix: Treaty No. 6NotesGlossary of Cree WordsSources and Further ReadingIndexAbout the Author