Voice: Adam Pottle On Writing With Deafness

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Item#: 9780889775930
Author Pottle, Adam
Cover Paperback

InVoice, Adam Pottle explores the crucial role deafness has played in the growth of his imagination, and in doing so presents a unique perspective on a writer's development. Born deaf in both ears, Pottle recounts what it was like growing up in a world of muted sound, and how his deafness has influenced virtually everything about his writing, from his use of language to character and plot choices. Salty, bold, and relentlessly honest,Voicemakes us think about writing in entirely new ways and expands our understanding of deafness and the gifts that it can offer.

Short Description
Delving into his childhood memories and his writing and publishing experiences, award-winning author Adam Pottle explores how his deafness has impacted his writing.