Essential Respiratory Medicine

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Item#: 9781118618349
Edition 01
Author Paramothayan

A succinct yet comprehensive overview of respiratory medicine, written for students and professionals

Essential Respiratory Medicineis an indispensable text offering an understanding of respiratory conditions and their clinical management within evidence-based guidelines. Containing information on taking a medical history, performing examinations and investigations, diagnosis and the management of respiratory conditions, this comprehensive text was put together by a noted expert in the field.

Written in an accessible manner,Essential Respiratory Medicinecontains the foundational science associated with respiratory medicine, a wide-variety of practical procedures, helpful diagrams, and self-assessments designed to enhance understanding of the material presented. The text covers a variety of conditions as well as providing suggestions for engaging with patients at different stages of care. This important resource:

Demonstrates an effective approach to patients presenting with common respiratory symptomsIncludes a description of all key practical procedures with diagramsDiscusses acute management of important respiratory emergenciesCovers both acute and chronic diseaseContains a companion website containing a range of learning materials, including downloadable management summaries and algorithms, an image bank, videos of patient examination, example respiratory sounds and multiple-choice questions

Essential Respiratory Medicineis an essential resource for anyone on a clinical placement, rotation, or training programme in respiratory medicine.

Table of Contents

About the author ix

Acknowledgements xi

About the companion website xiii

1 Introduction to respiratory medicine 1

2 Embryology, anatomy, and physiology of the lung 5

3 Pharmacology of the lung 29

4 Common respiratory investigations 51

5 Common presentations of respiratory disease 83

6 Obstructive airways disease 105

7 Diffuse parenchymal lung disease 137

8 Respiratory infections 173

9 Lung cancer 205

10 Pleural disease 235

11 Pulmonary embolus, pulmonary hypertension, and vasculitides 267

12 Suppurative lung disease 293

13 Respiratory failure 317

14 Sleep‐related disorders 333

15 Occupational, environmental, and recreational lung disease 353

16 Disorders of the mediastinum 369

17 Acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome 383

Index 395