Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry

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Wiggs&s Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice, Second Editionis a fully updated and expanded new edition of the classic comprehensive reference for veterinary dentistry. Provides current, comprehensive information on veterinary dentistryEncompasses rudimentary tenets of the field as well as advanced techniquesPresents the state-of-the-art in veterinary dentistry, with all topics fully updated, revised, and expanded to reflect current knowledgeWritten by leading veterinary dental specialists and edited by luminaries in the fieldIncludes more images and color throughout to support the text 

Table of Contents
ForewordList of ContributorsChapter 1: Oral Anatomy and Physiology<
/>Matthew LemmonsChapter 2: Oral Examination and Diagnosis<
/>Jan BellowsChapter 3: Oral Radiology and Imaging<
/>Brook NiemiecChapter 4: Developmental Pathology and Pedodontology<
/>Bonnie Shope, Paul Mitchell and Diane CarleChapter 5: Periodontology<
/>Kevin StepaniukChapter 6: Traumatic Dentoalveolar Injuries<
/>Jason SoukupChapter 7: Oral and Maxillofacial Tumors, Cysts and Tumor-Like Lesions<
/>Jason Soukup and John LewisChapter 8: General Oral Pathology<
/>Heidi LobpriseChapter 9: Anesthesia and Pain Management<
/>Lindsey C. Snyder, Christopher Snyder and Donald BeebeChapter 10: Oral Surgery & Periodontal Surgery<
/>Heidi Lobprise and Kevin StepaniukChapter 11: Oral Surgery & Extractions<
/>Cynthia CharlierChapter 12: Oral Surgery & General<
/>Heidi LobpriseChapter 13: Oral Surgery & Fracture and Trauma Repair<
/>Kendall Taney and Christopher SmithsonChapter 14: Oral Surgery & Oral and Maxillofacial Tumors<
/>Heidi Lobprise and Jason SoukupChapter 15: Basic Endodontic Therapy<
/>Robert BoydChapter 16: Advanced Endodontic Therapy<
/>Michael Peak and Heidi LobpriseChapter 17: Restorative Dentistry<
/>Anthony Caiafa and Louis VisserChapter 18: Crowns and Prosthodontics<
/>Curt Coffman, Christopher Visser, Jason Soukup and Michael PeakChapter 19: Occlusion and Orthodontics<
/>Heidi LobpriseChapter 20: Domestic Feline Oral and Dental Diseases<
/>Alexander Reiter, Norman Johnston, Jamie Anderson and Heidi LobpriseChapter 21: Small Mammal Oral and Dental Diseases<
/>Loic LegendreChapter 22: Exotic Animals Oral and Dental Diseases<
/>Robert Fecchio, Marco Gioso and Kristin Bannon