Pathology Of Laboratory Rodents & Rabbits

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Edition 04
Author Barthold, Stephen Et Al.
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Now in its fourth edition,Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbitshas become a standard text for veterinary pathologists, laboratory animal veterinarians, students, and others interested in these species.<
/>• The standard reference on the pathogenesis and cardinal diagnostic features of diseases of mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, and rabbits• Expanded coverage of rabbit disease, normal anatomic features, and biology• Over 450 color photographs illustrating gross and microscopic pathology• Companion website offering images from the text in PowerPoint

Table of Contents
Preface viiAbout the companion website ix1 Mouse 1 Introduction, 1Mouse Genetics and Genomics, 2Nomenclature, 2Common In
ed Strains, 3Genomic Considerations for the Pathologist, 4Anatomic Features, 5Immunologic Idiosyncracies, 10Bibliography for Introduction Through Anatomic Features, 11General References on Diseases of Mice, 12Infections of Laboratory Mice: Effects on Research, 12Bibliography for Infections of Laboratory Mice: Effects on Research, 13DNA Viral Infections, 14RNA Viral Infections, 23Retroelements and Retrovirus Infections, 38Bibliography for Viral Infections, 44Bacterial Infections, 50Bibliography for Bacterial Infections, 72Fungal Infections, 78Bibliography for Fungal Infections, 81Parasitic Diseases, 82Bibliography for Parasitic Diseases, 88Behavioral Disorders, 89Bibliography for Behavioral Disorders, 91Aging, Degenerative, and Miscellaneous Disorders, 91Bibliography for Aging, Degenerative, and Miscellaneous Disorders, 106Neoplasms, 108Bibliography for Neoplasms, 1172 Rat 119 Introduction, 119Anatomic Features, 119Bibliography for Behavioral and Anatomic Features, 121General References on Diseases of Rats, 121DNA Viral Infections, 121RNA Viral Infections, 125Bibliography for Viral Infections, 130Bacterial Infections, 132Fungal Infections, 145Bibliography for Bacterial and Fungal Infections, 148Parasitic Diseases, 151Bibliography for Parasitic Diseases, 154Age-Related Disorders, 154Miscellaneous Disorders, 159Environmental Disorders, 161Drug-Related Disorders, 162Bibliography for Age-, Miscellaneous-, Environmental and Drug-Related Disorders, 162Neoplasms, 164Bibliography for Neoplasms, 1703 Hamster 173 Introduction, 173Anatomic Features, 173Bibliography for Introduction and Anatomic Features, 174DNA Viral Infections, 175RNA Viral Infections, 178Bibliography for Viral Infections, 179Bacterial and Fungal Infections, 180Bibliography for Bacterial and Fungal Infections, 186Parasitic Diseases, 188Bibliography for Parasitic Diseases, 192Nutritional and Metabolic Disorders, 193Diseases Associated With Aging, 194Environomental, Genetic, and Other Disorders, 196Bibliography for Noninfectious Diseases, 197Neoplasms, 197Bibliography for Neoplasms, 1984 Gerbil 199 Introduction, 199Anatomic Features, 199Bibliography for Anatomic Features, 200Viral Infections, 200Bibliography for Viral Infections, 201Bacterial Infections, 201Bibliography for Bacterial Infections, 204Parasitic Diseases, 204Bibliography for Parasitic Diseases, 205Genetic, Metabolic, and Other Disorders, 206Bibliography for Genetic, Metabolic, and Other Disorders, 209Neoplasms, 209Bibliography for Neoplasms, 2115 Guinea Pig 213 Behavioral, Physiologic, and Anatomic Features, 213Bibliography for Behavioral, Physiologic, and Anatomic Features, 217Viral Infections, 218Bibliography for Viral Infections, 221Bacterial Infections, 222Bibliography for Bacterial Infections, 231Fungal Infections, 234Bibliography for Fungal Infections, 235Parasitic Diseases, 235Bibliography for Parasitic Diseases, 239Nutritional, Metabolic, and Toxic Disorders, 239Bibliography for Nutritional, Metabolic, and Toxic Disorders, 244Miscellaneous Other Disorders, 245Bibliography for Miscellaneous Disorders, 249Neoplasms, 250Bibliography for Neoplasms, 2526 Rabbit 253 Introduction, 253Behavioral, Physiologic, and Anatomic Features, 253Bibliography for Behavioral, Physiologic, and Anatomic Features, 257DNA Viral Infections, 257RNA Viral Infections, 264Bibliography for Viral Infections, 269Bacterial Infections, 271Bibliography for Bacterial Infections, 288Fungal Infections, 292Bibliography for Fungal Infections, 296Parasitic Diseases, 297Bibliography for Parasitic Diseases, 304Noninfectious Gastrointestinal Disorders, 306Bibiliography for Noninfectious Gastrointestinal Disorders, 308Aging and Miscellaneous Disorders, 308Bibliography for Aging and Miscellaneous Disorders, 312Nutritional, Metabolic and Toxic Disorders, 313Bibliography for Nutritional, Metabolic, and Toxic Disorders, 316Genetic Disorders, 318Bibliography for Genetic Disorders, 319Neoplasms, 320Bibliography for Neoplasms, 323Index 325