Atlas Of Tumor Diagnostics In The Dog & Cat

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Atlas for the Diagnosis of Tumors in the Dog and Catis a diagnostic tool for determining if samples are abnormal and defining the cause of the abnormality, with 386 clinical images depicting normal and abnormal results.Offers a
ief overview of the methods used to produce a diagnosis and prognosis from a biopsy tissue samplePairs photographs of biopsy samples with photomicrographs of cells obtained via fine needle aspirateIncludes a useful chapter covering sample handling, staining, and shipping 

Table of Contents
Preface xiAcknowledgments xiiiPart I Overview of the Diagnostic Process 1 1 Overview of Grading and Staging 3 Identification of the process 3Identification of tumor types 5Grading 5Staging 7Staging versus clinical behavior 9Epithelial tumors 12Mesenchymal tumors 26Round cell tumors 32Melanoma 42Conclusion 44References 45Part II Case Studies 49 2 Selected Lesions of the Head and Neck 51 Bone tumors of the head 51Osteoma 51Osteosarcoma 51Mass lesions of the ear canal 54Aural polyp 54Ceruminous adenoma 55Ceruminous carcinoma 56Mass lesions of the external ear pinna 57Histiocytoma 57Squamous cell carcinoma 58Mass lesions of the conjunctiva and nictitans 59Papilloma 59Squamous cell carcinoma 60Hemangiosarcoma 62Melanoma 63Eyelid masses 64Meibomian gland adenoma 64Spindle cell tumor 65Lesions of the oral and nasal mucosal epithelium 66Eosinophilic inflammation 67Lymphoplasmacellular inflammation 68Lymphosarcoma 69Epulis 70Acanthomatous epulis 70Ossifying epulis 71Viral papilloma 72Squamous cell carcinoma 73Melanoma 74Nasal cavity tumors 76Adenocarcinoma 76Chondrosarcoma 77Mass lesions of the canine and feline muzzle skin 78Sebaceous gland nodular hyperplasia 78Sebaceous gland adenoma 79Sebaceous epithelioma 79Trichoblastoma (Basal cell tumor) 80Mast cell tumor 82Plasma cell tumor 83Mass lesions of the submandibular region 84Reactive lymph node 85Malignant lymphoma 86Normal salivary gland 87Salivary mucocele 87Salivary gland carcinoma 88Ventral neck masses 89Thyroid adenoma 90Thyroid carcinoma 91Parathyroid adenoma 91Additional reading 923 Selected Lesions of the Limbs, Paws, and Digits 97 Bone lesions 97Periosteal hyperplasia 97Osteosarcoma 97Subungual tumors 100Melanoma 100Squamous cell carcinoma 102Digital skin and nail bed lesions 103Calcinosis circumscripta 103Plasmacellular pododermatitis 104Papilloma 104Fi
oadnexal hyperplasia 107Stromal tumors of the limb 108Canine low‐grade spindle cell tumor 108Feline spindle cell tumor 110Lipoma 111Liposarcoma 113Synovial sarcoma 114Additional reading 1154 Selected Genital and Perineal Masses 119 Perineal masses 119Rectal polyp 119Perianal gland adenoma 119Perianal gland carcinoma 121Anal sac apocrine gland carcinoma 122Masses of the external genitalia 124Transmissible venereal tumor 124Mast cell tumor 126Additional reading 1265 Selected Lesions of the Skin and Subcutis of the Trunk 129 Mass lesions of the dorsal trunk 129Calcinosis cutis 129Follicular cyst 129Cystic adnexal tumors-trichoepithelioma, keratoacanthoma 132Apocrine adenoma 133Apocrine and sebaceous carcinoma 133Sebaceous carcinoma 134Lipoma 136Canine well‐differentiated spindle cell proliferation 137Canine spindle cell tumor, mid grade 138Canine spindle cell tumor, high grade 139Feline spindle cell tumor 140Canine cutaneous lymphoma 144Mast cell tumor 145Canine histiocytoma 147Histiocytosis 148Dorsal tail head masses 149Pilomatricoma 149Melanoma 149Sebaceous adenoma 151Perianal gland adenoma 153Ventral trunk vascular lesions of the skin and subcutis 153Hemangioma 153Hemangiosarcoma 154Mass lesions of the mammary gland 156Fi
oepithelial hyperplasia 156Mammary gland adenoma 157Complex adenoma 158Mixed mammary tumor 159Mammary carcinoma 160Additional reading 1636 Selected Lesions of the Thoracic Viscera 167 Cardiac tumors 167Hemangiosarcoma 167Malignant plasma cell tumor 167Pulmonary mass lesions 170Pulmonary carcinoma 170Pulmonary hemangiosarcoma 172Pulmonary adenomatosis 172Mediastinal tumors 175Mediastinal malignant lymphoma 175Thymoma 177Additional reading 1787 Selected Lesions of the Abdominal Viscera 181 Diseases that result in liver enlargement 181Vacuolar hepatopathy 181Bile duct hyperplasia 181Hepatocellular neoplasia 183Bile duct carcinoma 185Hepatic hemangiosarcoma 186Gastrointestinal lesions 187Eosinophilic inflammatory bowel disease 187Lymphoplasmacellular inflammatory bowel disease 187Gastrointestinal malignant lymphoma 187Gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma 190Gastrointestinal spindle cell tumor 190Kidney and bladder masses 190Pyogranulomatous inflammatory disease suggestive of feline infectious peritonitis 191Renal carcinoma 192Renal malignant lymphoma 193Urinary bladder cystitis with reactive epithelial hyperplasia 194Urinary bladder polyp 195Transitional cell carcinoma 196Splenomegaly and splenic masses 198Extramedullary hematopoiesis 198Lymphoid nodular hyperplasia 198Malignant lymphoma 198Mast cell tumor 198Splenic torsion 202Splenic hematoma 203Splenic hemangiosarcoma 204Splenic histiocytic sarcoma 206Splenic malignant fi
ous histiocytoma 207Additional reading 2098 Sample Handling 213 Cytologic specimens 213Biopsy specimens 219Histology processing, glass slide production, and routine staining 224Additional reading 227Index 229