Current Therapy In Exotic Pet Practice

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Author Mitchell & Tully Jr.
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and-new, full-color reference is a foundational text for veterinarians and veterinary students learning about companion exotic animal diseases. Organized by body system,Current Therapy in Exotic Pet Practice walks students through the most relevant information concerning the diagnosis and treatment of exotic animals including the most relevant information on anatomy, physical examination, diagnostic testing, disease conditions, therapeutics, epidemiology of diseases, and zoonoses. Topics such as captive care, current standards of care for all exotic species, veterinary clinical epidemiology, and the effective prevention and management of infectious diseases are also included.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction<
>Mark A. Mitchell and Thomas N. Tully Jr.<
>2. Integumentary system<
>Samantha Haskins and Mark A. Mitchell<
>3. Respiratory System<
>Hugues Beaufrere<
>4. Cardiovascular System<
>Hugues Beaufrere<
>5. Gastrointestinal System<
>Kenneth R. Welle<
>6. Endocrine System<
>Joao Brandao<
>7. Musculoskeletal System<
>Mike McFadden<
>8. Central Nervous System<
>Thomas N. Tully, Jr.<
>9. Special Senses: Ophthalmology<
>Amber Labelle<
>10. Reproductive Systems<
>Megan Watson<
>11. Excretory System<
>Mark Acierno