Farming Meat Goats: Breeding, Production & Marketing

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Edition 02
Author Vincent, Barbara
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Goat meat is growing in popularity in Australia and is also an important export industry. It offers many opportunities for large- and small-scale farmers who need to diversify or seek alternative enterprises.Farming Meat Goatsprovides producers with comprehensive and practical information on all aspects of the goat meat industry. It covers selecting and preparing a property, choosing
eeding stock,
eeding, health care and nutrition, drought feeding, condition scoring and marketing.<
/>This second edition ofFarming Meat Goatshas been updated throughout and contains new information about the National Livestock Identification System, current regulations for ovine Johne's disease and animal welfare during transportation, and information about marketing. It will allow farmers to produce animals to specification for targeted markets in Australia and overseas including: butchers; supermarkets; restaurants; on-farm live sales; sales to abattoirs that specialize in Halal kills; and
eeding stock either as replacements or for improved herd genetics.

Table of Contents
/>1: Will
eeding meat goats pay?<
/>2: Fencing and yards<
/>3: Choosing your
eeding stock<
/>4: Breeding season<
/>5: Kidding management<
/>6: Tagging, marking, vaccinating, weaning and foot-trimming<
/>7: Nutrition<
/>8: Drought feeding and strategies<
/>9: Health<
/>10: Parasites<
/>11: Poisoning<
/>12: Marketing<
/>Appendix: Resources for producers<