How To Die Alone: The Foolproof Guide To Not Helping...

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Item#: 9781523504268
Author Welch, Mo
Cover Hardback
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There&s an entire industry built on the idea of helping people to push hard and succeed in love, work, fitness, and finances. But what about those people who would so much rather stay home and eat pizza with the cat while binge-watching Netflix? Who&s telling them that it&s OK to be a couch potato?

Blair, that&s who. The creation of cartoonist and stand-up comic Mo Welch, Blair is the awkward, self-deprecating, totally relatable anti-heroine who already has 65,000 followers on Instagram and an animated show on TBS Digital. Now Blair is the face, the voice, and the attitude ofHow to Die Alone , the perfect self-help book fornothelping yourself-and a funny, irreverent gift for millennials struggling to "adult."

Forget winning friends and influencing people-here&s advice on how to win the Worst Friend Award instead, including: Always be late, never offer to drive (anywhere), and treat your friend&s kitchen like an open bar. Plus the ins and outs of terrible dates, permission to eat cookies instead of going to the gym, and how to treat your job like the inconvenience that it is. It&s the genuinely funny, tongue-in-cheek guide to just saying no.

Short Description
A self-help guide for NOT helping yourself, packed with irreverent humor and terrible life advice for modern adults. Mo Welch's comics illustrate and celebrate our common afflictions-social anxiety, terrible dates, too few friends (who aren't cats), too many cookies, too much wine, and an allergy to exercise and day jobs-with totally relatable, slightly dark, and genuinely funny humor.