101 Things I Learned In Business School

Item Information
Item#: 9781524761929
Edition 02
Author Preis, Michael W.
Cover Hardback

An informatively illustrated guide to business principles by a professor, entrepreneur, consultant, executive, and Harvard Business School graduate.

Success in business—and in business school—calls for a broad knowledge base and the ability to turn it into action. This accessible book provides a thorough grounding in the principles most essential to the study and practice of business, from corporate organization to maintaining customer satisfaction. Lessons include:

•key elements of organizational philosophy, structure, culture, and behavior
•ways to grow a business in new and existing markets
•why fast-growing companies may be chronically short on cash
•how to manage and interpret data when weighing a decision
•how to run a meeting most effectively
•how social and environmental responsibility can be good for business

101 Things I Learned® in Business Schoolwill appeal to students seeking traction in a demanding curriculum, to self-made entrepreneurs looking to improve their business practices, and to seasoned professionals seeking a refresher on core principles.