It's Your Funeral! Plan The Celebration Of A Lifetime- ...

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Item#: 9781683692584
Author Benjamin, Kathy
Cover Hardback

Put the fun back in funeral with this hilarious yet practical guide to planning the funeral of your dreams! From selecting your burial outfit to your funeral theme, guided-journal elements and worksheets will help you think outside the coffin.

Arguably the most important event of your lifetime will be your funeral. But unlike your wedding or graduation, you won't get to experience it. And not only that, but for most people, this defining moment of their existence (or non-existence, as it were)--the one chance for friends and family to come together and remember who you were, what they loved about you, and the mark you left on the world, is an afterthought. Or worse, it's an anti-thought: something we avoid thinking about at all costs.

This book is here to change that. Within these pages, you will have the chance to make sure your sendoff is exactly what you want it to be, whether that's a drunken bacchanalia or a somber reflection on just how great you were. Readers will be walked through every stage of the legacy planning process, from selecting your burial outfit and accessories to your funeral theme. Sections include:
  •   How to Avoid Being Buried Alive
  •   Burial Budgeting
  •   What to Wear When You're Dead
  •   How to Be Buried with Your Pet
  •   Choosing the Perfect Venue
  •   Write Your Own Eulogy
  •   How to Lighten the Mood
  •   Digital Estate Planning
All of your morbid questions will be answered, including: can I shoot my body into space after I die? What's the most eco-friendly burial method? And what are the funniest epitaphs? The list of decisions to make is long, as are the many pitfalls to avoid. You will find inspiration and learn from the (often hilarious) mistakes of others. Guided-journal elements and worksheets (about 25% of the total content) will help you shape and record your wishes for posterity. Planning your own funeral is an act of love, an important part of mental health, and, thanks to this book, it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun.