Bsava Manual Of Canine & Feline Musculoskeletal Imaging

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Item#: 9781905319787
Edition 02
Author Kirberger & Mcevoy (Eds)
Cover Paperback
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This new edition builds on the practical structure of its predecessor, with chapters arranged anatomically. Individual joints, the long bones, the skull and the spine are dealt with in discrete sections while soft tissues, bones and joints are considered more generally.<
/>The manual has been thoroughly revised and updated, while new chapters dedicated to imaging modalities such as CT, MRI and ultrasonography
oaden the scope of the manual. Indications for use and illustrations add depth to this relatively new area of musculoskeletal imaging. Techniques and findings are explained clearly, ensuring that the content is accessible to veterinarians of all levels.

Table of Contents
Basics of musculoskeletal radiography and radiology; Basics of musculoskeletal ultrasonography; Basics of musculoskeletal computed tomography; Basics of musculoskeletal MRI; Basics of musculoskeletal nuclear medicine; Soft tissues; Bones & general; Long bones & juvenile; Long bones & mature; Long bones & fractures; Joints & general; The shoulder joint and scapula; The elbow joint; The hip joint and pelvis; The stifle joint; Distal limbs & carpus/tarsus and distally; Skull & general; Skull & nasal chambers and frontal sinuses; Skull & teeth; Spine & general; Spine & conditions not related to interverte
al disc disease; Interverte
al disc disease and ‘wobbler syndrome&; Spine & lumbosacral region and cauda equina syndrome