Avoiding Misdiagnosis In Pediatric Practice

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Item#: 9783030417499
Edition 01
Author Sahib El-Radhi, A.
Cover Paperback

This book discusses the most common symptoms in pediatrics. It is based on best available scientific evidence and up-to-date information. The book also discusses a range of common conditions associated with bacterial and viral infections of the oro-nasal, eye, chest, abdominal and genito-urinary regions. The book helps the clinician to distinguish symptoms and

signs of pediatric diseases to avoid diagnostic errors. Each chapter starts with a list of core messages, and includes tables and figures  

to focus on the subjects under discussion. The whole text is written in reader-friendly manner. The book is of interest to general pediatricians and doctors in primary care. It is also of interest to students, nurses and other professionals who look after children.

Table of Contents

Introduction.- 1: Diseases of the Upper Airways.- 2: Diseases of the Chest.- 3: Diseases of the Ear.- 4: Diseases of the Eye.- 5: Diseases of the Neck.- 6: Diseases of the Abdomen.- 7: Cerebral Diseases.- 8: Bones and joints.- 9: Urinary.- 10: Genitalia.- 11: General Systemic.