Winter Term Info

Please pay attention to the following information regarding the process for back to school for the winter term.

Order Your Books Early

All course materials remain available online only, so if you want to get your course materials before the start of your classes please order online as soon as possible. It takes approximately 3-5 business days to process web orders, so please factor that in when placing your web order.

Ordering Lab Manuals

Please do not place an online order if you are only buying a physical lab manual. The high demand for physical lab manuals makes it so there are a larger quantity of orders for us to process which means that it takes even longer to get through all of the other orders being placed to coincide with the start of term. There will be plenty of stock and you will get yours much faster if you come to purchase one in person from Shop USask Bookstore.

All other textbooks, including digital lab manuals, still need to be ordered online. If you are looking to order physical lab manuals alongside other course materials, feel free to do so online.

Try Selling Your Used Textbooks

Our buyback list opens prior to the start of each term and is based on several factors.

  • Nationwide demand
  • If a book is being reused in the upcoming semester
  • If there are projected needs for the text

For more information, or to see if any of your books are on the buyback list, visit our buyback information page.